River Phoenix Interview With A Vampire

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Most tragically, River Phoenix, celebrated for his performance in "My Private Idaho," overdosed and died at the age of 23, soon after securing a role in Neil Jordan’s award-winning "Interview With the.

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A golden-locked Tom Cruise played the studly bloodsucker in 1994’s "Interview With the Vampire," and Rice believes 45-year-old Downey could really sink his teeth into the role with a little help from.

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The good news, says author Anne Rice, is that her 1976 best-seller "Interview With the Vampire" is finally scheduled to go. also starring Antonio Banderas, River Phoenix and Stephen Rea–which is b.

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The 64-year-old New Yorker has a special connection with Ireland – he is the man behind the score for Neil Jordan’s films Michael Collins, The Butcher Boy, and Interview with the Vampire. never wal.

When River Phoenix died of a drug overdose in 1993, he was nearly done filming his movie Dark Blood. The thriller sat on shelves for 20 years despite intense interest in the tragic star who was only 23-years-old when he died outside West Hollywood’s Viper Room of a drug overdose. On Friday it was.

When River Phoenix died of a drug overdose at the age of 23, Hollywood mourned the loss of a promising young actor who would never grace the silver screen again. Now, however, People reports that a fi.

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Now vampire flicks (and shows) have significantly changed since INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE. Extra Tidbit: Anne Rice’s first choice to play the vampire Lestat was River Phoenix.

Interview with the Vampire is a gothic horror and vampire novel by American author Anne Rice, published in 1976.It was her debut novel. Based on a short story Rice wrote around 1968, the novel centers on vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac, who tells the story of his life to a reporter.Rice composed the novel shortly after the death of her young.

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Directed by Neil Jordan. With Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, Kirsten Dunst. A vampire tells his epic life story: love, betrayal, loneliness, and hunger.

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the 34-year-old boasted as she flaunted her assets at stunned co-host Monty Dimond. The conversation then took a bizarre turn when Monty brought up ‘vampire breast lifts,’ which are the latest version.

Oct 05, 2013  · When River Phoenix fatally collapsed from a drug overdose on the sidewalk outside the notorious Viper Room on Halloween 1993, he was a 22-year-old Oscar-nominated star of the classic “Stand by Me” with a brilliant future in the making.

In 1992, you had a starring role not shot in Yugoslavia: A River Runs Through It. And then Franco took it somewhere else in Pineapple Express. Okay, Interview With the Vampire. You look miserable i.

Early life. Phoenix was born on August 23, 1970 in Madras, Oregon, the first child of Arlyn Dunetz and John Lee Bottom. Phoenix’s parents named him after the river of life from the Hermann Hesse novel Siddhartha, and he received his middle name from the Beatles’ song "Hey Jude".In an interview with People, Phoenix described his parents.

"When River Phoenix died of a drug overdose, Christian was asked to take over his role in Interview With the Vampire, she added. Was it ever reported that he donated his entire salary for the film to.

Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. Bestselling author Gavin Edwards joined us live to talk about his new book, ‘Last Night at the Viper Room: River Phoenix and.

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“What if River Phoenix Had. But mostly Joaquin Phoenix and Leonardo Di Caprio. “Eric’s Bad Movies: Bloodrayne: The Third Reich” – Eric D. Snider does battle with Dr. Mangler, Uwe Boll and some vamp.

All the Phoenix children were given ethereal names. Associated Press reported that River, who was named after the river. He was to begin filming soon for "Interview with a Vampire," the planned scr.

This are the 15 Actors You Never Knew Grew Up In Cults. Ellen Degeneres. four years of his life. Phoenix’s parents, John and Arlyn Bottom were introduced to the cult by friends. According to Phoeni.

Anne Rice’s best-selling romantic horror tale about the origins of a centuries-old vampire inspired this popular, atmospheric chiller. One of director Neil Jordan’s major Hollywood productions, the film stays close to its source material, retaining the frame of a young reporter (Christian Slater) interviewing a man who claims to be a 200-year-old vampire.

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Five or six years ago, anyone would have told you that River Phoenix. of his death, Phoenix had been filming New Line’s Dark Blood (it was never completed). Next, he was to have played the intervie.

If we’re trying to imagine a world we wish had happened, this is question number one for me… What if River Phoenix had lived? WHEN WAS IT? The night of October 31, 1993 still seems unreal to me, espec.

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The Original Vampires, or simply The Originals, are a group of extremely powerful vampires that are known for being the first of their bloodlines and the first generation of vampires, which makes them the oldest, fastest, strongest, and most powerful vampires in the world.Their name is a term used to describe a progenitor in a vampire.

The celebrity circuit went into mourning for the young star and tributes came in the form of songs (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, R.E.M), film credits (Interview With a Vampire) and books (Pink – Gu.

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Don Hertzfeldt’s then four-year-old niece didn’t even know that she was in his magnificent short (not unlike how Tom Cruise didn’t know he was in “Interview with the Vampire” until. springs to my m.